7Geese offers many business benefits that directly affect your company’s performance and bottom line.

Engage and Empower Employees:

7Geese enables employees to stay connected with their team and company. It gives everyone a voice regardless of their position in the org chart, helps create a supportive environment, and promotes open collaboration. 7Geese also helps move from an Us vs Them (management vs employees) organization to a We organization where everyone feels valued and heard.

Accelerate Employee Growth and Learning:

7Geese enables employees to take ownership of their careers and gives them all the tools they need to track and achieve their goals, ask for support and coaching when they’re stuck, and constantly gather feedback from peers and managers to grow. 7Geese also enables managers to better lead and coach their departments.

Retain and Recruit Top Talent:

7Geese helps retain top talent by enabling them to get recognition for their contributions and feel valued by their team. It also enables people to set and track their career goals so they are constantly growing and not feeling stagnant in your organization. Furthermore, when your employees share their recognition on their social networks, it attracts top talent that have values in alignment with your organization.

Improve Onboarding:

7Geese improves your onboarding by connecting new hires to the company objectives, core values, and their coworkers. New hires can navigate 7Geese to quickly sync with their team members and your organization.

Create a High Velocity and Results-Driven Company:

7Geese helps create a results-driven culture by making goals visible and social. Employees can update the progress whenever they make strides towards achieving a goal and share their progress with the company. 7Geese enables departments to celebrate small and bigger wins to keep your company velocity high.

Increase Visibility and Transparency:

7Geese helps create a top-down and bottom-up visibility into your organization. Furthermore, by making it easy to see what others are working on, 7Geese helps increase transparency within departments and across the organization.

Communicate Company Objectives & Higher Purpose:

7Geese makes it easy to communicate your company’s core purpose and key objectives. When you set your Key Company objectives, all employees can see it on their homepage and see how their contributions are helping the organization achieve a higher purpose.

Spark Innovation, Improvements, and Agility:

Using 7Geese, employees can surface and discuss opportunities to make the company better, create social goals to start initiatives and to track their progress, and get others to join their mission of making things better.

Enhance Core Values Alignment & Company Culture:

7Geese enables peers and managers to instantly recognize great work and behaviors that are in alignment with company core values that represent your culture. Traditionally your core values were on plaque on the wall that nobody read, and now with 7Geese, employees can engage with your core values and recognize each other based on alignment with them.

Engage Remote Working Employees:

7Geese enables people working remotely or in other office locations to stay engaged with the company culture and goals. Also they can feel confident that their efforts are tracked in 7Geese and accounted for during their reviews.