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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features for companies?

  • Objectives tracking and cascading to better achieve goals and enhance performance
  • Recognition to enhance company culture, alignment with core values, and morale
  • Continuous feedback to enable your people get the rapid feedback & support they need to improve and succeed
  • 1-on-1 coaching to effectively run and track coaching sessions to enhance alignment and performance

Is 7Geese secure and safe?

Keeping your data secure and safe is one of our highest priorities. 7Geese uses enterprise-grade technology to keep your data secure including 256-bit encryption and daily back-ups in different geographical locations. Learn more about our security and privacy features.

How do you handle privacy?

Only people with a valid company email address can sign up to 7Geese. We allow users to easily control what information is private and what things are shared with their coworkers. Learn more about our security and privacy features.

How will 7Geese affect our existing performance review process?

To start, we recommend using 7Geese to augment your existing performance review process. But eventually, we recommend you evolve your traditional performance review process into a modern, supportive, lightweight, and continuous process (read why). There is no cookie-cutter solution and every company is different; however, our support team will help you utilize 7Geese for whatever process you design. We’ll also provide you with modern HR management insights and best practices that are being adopted by our forward-thinking customers.

How long does it take to onboard and train our employees to use 7Geese?

Signing up and rolling out 7Geese is quick and we can support you throughout the process. You can start using 7Geese right away and perfect your process as you go. Employees don’t require much training since the user interface is intuitive and similar to consumer products like Facebook. We provide guides and videos for employees, managers, and the HR team at our support center. Also, we take the load off your back by providing phone and email support to all your employees. Some of our customers have successfully rolled out 7Geese in one day!

What if some of our employees don’t want to use 7Geese on a regular basis?

7Geese is designed to be continuously utilized to enhance your company performance and culture, rather than only being used during reviews like most other performance management products. Most employees use 7Geese on a daily basis to align themselves with company goals, get feedback, and recognize coworkers. However, employees that don’t log in after setting their performance goals still benefit from the product and can set email notifications for important events such as when they are recognized by their coworkers or if there is changes to the goals they are working on.

What if some employees are uncomfortable with their goals & performance being shared?

We encourage keeping things visible and transparent as much as possible. But employees can choose to keep their performance data and goals private.

Can 7Geese be abused or misused by users?

So far we have never heard any complaints or abuse reports. 7Geese is a social product helping create a positive and supporting company culture. Some new customers raise this issue and after few weeks realize how effective 7Geese is in helping to create a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Isn’t face-to-face interaction and one-on-one coaching between managers and employees better than using 7Geese?

7Geese is not designed to replace face-to-face interactions. Regular coaching sessions and one-on-ones are really important to build an effective team. 7Geese is a tool to help managers and employees track their progress so they can be more effective during their one-on-ones. Furthermore, the social aspects of 7Geese allows people from different departments and locations to stay connected to create a unified company.

Will 7Geese alone enhance our company culture and motivate our employees to produce more?

No. Building a great supportive culture takes a lot of effort and an effective tool like 7Geese is a part of it. You have to invest time in developing your core values, defining your purpose, and training managers to be supportive coaches. You truly have to care for your people and partner with them to help them grow and succeed. 7Geese is not for companies that treat people like a replaceable cog-in-the-wheel and are looking for another tool to maximize their output.

In terms of motivating your employees, it’s not effective nor possible to forcefully motivate people to perform. Rather you have to create the environment where people are intrinsically motivated to perform their best. This comes by having a higher company purpose that employees can relate to and having a living set of core values that define your supportive culture. 7Geese helps you create this environment.