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Get recognized for great work!

Instantly recognize your peers' great work! 7Geese recognition works by tying recognition directly to to your organization's core values to help build a strong, unified culture.

Company culture and values

Strengthen company culture by recognizing peers based on your organization's own core values. Customize 7Geese recognition badges to more closely represent your company’s values.


Provide instant peer recognition whenever deserved, without waiting for staff meetings or newsletters.


Each recognition has visiblity across the whole organization. Share your recognition on your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to add to your reputation and showcase your achievements.

Your own recognition program

Set up and run a fully-customized recognition program. Explore and discover recognitions grouped by individuals, departments, or core value.

Live reporting

Live reports give insight into how departments and individuals are aligned with your organizational values, enabling you to take proactive measures to keep people aligned together.