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We Keep You Safe

We protect you and your data.

Keeping customer data secure and user private information safe in one of our highest priorities. We have designed 7Geese to employ enterprise-grade security and privacy features.

Secure Connections

All data is transferred securely over an encrypted SSL/TLS channel with 256-bit encryption. Any attempt to connect over HTTP is redirected to HTTPS.

Network Access

Your network is only available to those who have valid email accounts on your domain. Accounts can be deactivated to prevent people who leave your organization from continuing to access your organization’s network.

Application Security

7Geese utilizes best practices that integrate security reviews throughout product design cycles. Low-level logical barriers are set to ensure that your data cannot be leaked to other 7Geese networks. Furthermore, 7Geese’s application servers are separated from database servers that store your data.

User Privacy

We allow users to easily control what information is private and what things are shared with their coworkers. Back-end data access checks are in place to insure information that is not available to a user cannot be retrieved from the server.

Backup & Business Continuity

Your data is backed up at least once a day and in at least two different geographical locations for maximum protection against data loss or corruption.

Physical Storage

7Geese stores your data using Amazon Web Services which has one of the highest security certifications (SSAE16 SOC1) and physical access controls in the cloud-computing industry. Learn more about the Amazon’s security and control features.

All our servers are regularly patched to ensure your data is protected against the latest vulnerabilities. If you find a security issue, please report it to so we may further investigate and address the issue.